Micro Silica We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Micro silica.Micro Silica is a super pozzolan or a finely powdered material used for providing strength and durability tot he concrete mix. Silica Fume Gurumetachem is a key ingredient in advanced low, ultra-low and cement-free castables. It is highly reactive during sintering, which leads to improved ceramic bonding at reduced firing temperatures. Silica fume is also utilised in mortars, gunning mixes, shotcrete in tunnels etc,. Silica Cement Admixture- Volsil Volsil A-Sio2 is a pozzolanic material containing A-Sio2 amorphous silica and minor amounts of residual minerals Nozzle Filling Compound Carefully graded refractory nozzel filling compound which can be made as per the requirements of the customer's need for steel transfer ladle with slide gate system. Casting Powder Casting PowderCasting Powder forms a good lubricating film on the surface of mould not allowing solidifying metal adhesion to the mould. It provides easy and fast solidification of metal by providing high rate heat removal from metal.

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Manufacturer & Exporter of Refractory Products, Construction Products and Agro Commodities.

Guru Metachem with its head-office and plant at Ahmedabad Gujarat – India, is capable of producing High grade Micro Silica for Concrete Aditive  and tailor-made refractories as per  international standards to suit specific applications of different Industries such as Steel, Cement, Glass, Coke Oven, Sponge Iron, Re-rolling mills, Petrochemical, Ferros and Non-ferros Industries, Chemical and Incinerators , Agro Industries ( Rice , Wheat Floor ) etc

Slide Fluxes & Refractory Products Construction & Ready mix Products Agro Products Fluxes & Refractory Products Construction & Ready mix Products Agro Products

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Guru Corporation, Building Trust Since 2006

We are the leading Manufacturer & Exporter of all type of Construction material, Fluxes,Coke, Chemicals for steel manufacturer.. The Group was established in the year 2006 and has a successful record of accomplishment for the past 9 years

Company History 

Guru metachem started in 2006, with a small team and high ambitions, year after year we have been adding new products into our portfolio and added a huge range of refactory and industrial products. Today we are a team of more then 50 engineers and technicians and exporting our goods and products across the globe.

Our Philosophy

We believe in world class service with quality, we are a customer centric organization, we have been focused on achieving complete client satisfaction. Backed by our efficient team of professionals, we are able to improve our credibility as a leading supplier of optimum quality industrial and agro products.



Our Different Product/Service Range

Fluxes & Refractory Products

We are engaged in offering wide range of Refractory Products which include Heat Insulation Compound, Covering Fluxes, NFC, Casting Powder, Ramming Mass, Tundish Boards, Rice Husk Ash Balls, Expandable Heat Insulation Compound, Ladle / Tundish Insulation Covering Compound, Slag Conditioners, Almix, Synthetic Slag, Pulverized Rice Husk Ash etc.

Construction & Ready mix Products

We produce and export high quality Construction & Ready mix Products such as micro silica, Silica Fume, Silicomix, Fly Ash, GGBS, Paver Block , Silpozz sand etc.

Agro Products

We are engaged in production and exporting of various agricultural products and commodities such as Salt, Rice, Idli Rice, Marmura (puffed rice), poha, guhar etc..

Oil & Drilling Products

We produce and export high quality Oil & Drilling Products such as Silica Fume and Guar Gum Powder.


Our Clients

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